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The excrement that committed these vile killings need to locked away forever. I refuse to believe they can be redeemed. What kind of person decides going to murder/attack a 17 year girl, toddler, or a young man walking home from school. I understand first hand how living in a oppressive society  can cut up a person's soul, but honestly that is no excuse for this in the least. I am tired of hearing about this we need to better, systemic racism aside. This is misgynoir at its ultra violent conclusion.



I swear black women are getting attacked from all sides. Then I hear about this bullshit.



Looking at the picture, he was probably taking a perv shot and got caught. He's probably bitter this black woman wasn't enamored with him taking pictures of her for his personal spank collection. So what does he do go on racist/sexist tirade on twitter, because she bruised his ego.

This seems suspect.....

I'm not against poly relationships, but hell no to this arrangement. It seems like the only person who benefits is the man.

POLYGYNY……. This is one of my fbook friends who is in a lovely/beautiful polygynous relationship. Polygyny is growing and more black couples are considering it and engaging in it. Polygyny is for the benefit of women and children and with the women out numbering men it can be a solution to family unity. In polygyny every woman can have a man and every child can have a father. Polygyny is a big help financially when grown folk get together and combine their resources. It is not for everybody but for those engaged in it seem to be very happy and the children are cared for by a loving family. All parties involved have to be mature and understanding. The women have to be totally comfortable with self and love their sister-wife like a real sister. Sister wives at times become best friends and do everything together and have the same goals and purpose. They all take care of home and share duties around the house.Read more...Collapse )

Umm, I'm pretty sure this is not the solution.
I just adore how the women have to work, take care of the home and the children. Sound likes a great set-up. They also have to be mature, refuse to be jealous, and love each other like sisters. No, just no. lso I doubt it would ever work the other way around. I doubt most (black) men would be okay with being husband number 2. I don't want to even touch on the legal issues.
Also Hello Big Love anyone? Yes,it was a fictional show, but the problems the family had seemed pretty accurate and they actually had some money.

Also at least how I understand polygny is/was practiced in Africa, the man has to provide for all his wives and children. Most of the time the women had separate houses/dwelling spaces which implies having wealth or least being well off. I just can't with this.

I probably would have handed over my id in this situation, I'd pissed as hell but I would have handled over. The cop sounded like an major asshole, and he probably picked her out because he's a racist sexist bully. Unfortunately, he has the law on his side. However, I feel like there was no reason for it to escalate the way it did. Just ugh

Maya Angelou

A day late and a dollar short

But what can say when someone so phenomenal has left us. Truth be told I wasn't upset, I feel like she's still with us.  She's still spreading her grace and wisdom shared through the lives of so many she touched. Her life,her work, her everything was so beautiful and wondrous and she gave so many people bliss and the power to live. So honestly, I can't be sad, but I am touched.

Thank you Dr. Maya Angelou for everything you've given me and so many people.

In the flush of love light, we dare be brave…And suddenly we see that love costs all we are and will ever be.
Yet it is only love which sets us free.


These so called "men" are foul and disgusting. I hope they find the rest of the missing girls. The government needs to get off their asses and do something.


Lots of stuff has happened since I posted

Job is still hit and miss, I've had some successes but I've had to deal with too much unnecessary bullshit

12 years a slave was amazing deserved all the Oscars, all the Oscars,

Also Alan Taylor's book the Internal Enemy is everything,a beautiful example of enslaved people having agency, but also how slave societies can ultimately backfire. Also I was one of those bad Americans who only knew the first verse of the Star Spangled Banner. I'd love someone to sing this verse and get called un-American.

And where is that band who so vauntingly swore
That the havoc of war and the battle's confusion,
A home and a country should leave us no more!
Their blood has washed out their foul footsteps' pollution.
No refuge could save the hireling and slave
From the terror of flight, or the gloom of the grave:

And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

I never thought I'd say this but I am little over Scandal, #team nobody Imma need gladiators to stop fighting themselves and get their crap together.

I can't wait for Sleepy Hollow to come back. Ichabbie is everything, so is Irving/Jenny, but Katrina needs to have all the seats. I am so tired of her. She's kinda racist and thinks black people are there to do her bidding, she's a lousy witch, and she can't share important information to save her life. Ichabod has had a few throat punch moments, but at least he's learning.

Spoiler/ alert

I also love how she and Ichabod are practically to blame for the apocalypse, since so far two of the four horseman were created because they had major grudges against them.

End  Spoilers

I want to see to Turn and Mad Men (need to watch to first episode).

I am scared for Hieroglyph- Condola is going to be one of the few black people on that show. Nope, I cannot

I am finally doing something creative and history based....yesss

Goes back into lurkdom...


Yay!! Nadjeda's been banned!!

Should have made that post earlier.
How dare you protest against a race name don't you have other things to worry about?
In other words policratus is full of shit

I am really tired of white people coming in and telling poc how to prioritize our struggles. How about this go figure out how to fix your shit first and stop being part of the problem. This could really go for any group with privilege. In any case stop insulting us and acting like we can't concentrate two things at once. Also its not like caricatures and stereotypes don't contribute to negatives perceptions of groups which color everything from face to face interaction to institutional policies or anything right? Oh wait it doesn't.

I can't believe they haven't banned nadejda's racist ass. Yep, all poc especially black people who talk about racism are lazy assholes who will eventually harm white people because of their ineptitude. Her "outside" perspective is complete and utter bullshit. And she doesn't understand when you post bullshit in a public forum people are going to respond and tell you its bullshit. I am waiting for the day she does something bannable and gets kicked out. I usually lurk, but on that day I will be in the comments with gifs and macros to celebrate the most glorious occasion!

Maynard_song, synekdokee, alexdl, layweed, moonshaz, and bellichka all get the laser beam side eye as well.

Here's an example of one nadejda's wonderful comments.
I think that for you and other who want me to shut up would be much more useful to try to hear the voice from outside.

I lived in usa for 14 years and in my experience racism card mostly used by people who do not want to work. I work in 2 universities here on east and west coasts and see that there are no racism there - a lot of students got scholarships as black people, and those who want to work get what they wants- degrees, jobs at the universities, etc.

But those who do not want to work and want to get all without working brought up race card- one PHD student I knew didn't want to work at all- I often saw her just sitting and reading love stories and sometimes even sleeping on the desk. And she always told about racism and even chief of our laboratory was afraid to say her something about her behavior. he was afraid to be called racist.

She of course could not get PHD but they gave her Master degree for work which was so primitive that first year student can do it.

This is the result of continues talk about racism- we got specialists who do not know anything about their subjects and these people will be your doctors, will work on bridges, vaccines, etc.

And you yourself can be the victim of such specialists who manipulate others by their talk about racism and got degrees they do not study for.

Read more at ONTD Political: http://ontd-political.livejournal.com/10784439.html?page=1#comments#ixzz2hBfAEiJi
I'm not going to talk about the Trayvon Martin case and Zimmerman's verdict. I literally just can't anymore.

But at least this wonderful story can take my mind off this awfulness. This is what a real person who cares about his community and wants to watch over his neighborhood does. He probably saved this little girl's life and
I glad this young man is getting the recognition he deserves. I hope the scumbag pedophile gets life in prison without parole. Anyway here is the video and for the love of all things holy don't read the source comments.



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